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Wednesday, January 19  

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When the OakCam server is online, you can actually see Frank working at the studio. Just move over it to see Frank, or click it to watch a live broadcast. Hope to see you soon..
And if not? Then just take a look at Frank's personal design philosophy.

Beneath are some of Oak Design's favourite links. Which will be descibed here as well; One of our own projects is goodlogo!com, this site is devoted to the artform of the logo. At this site you can vote, submit and rate your all time favourite logo(s). Just see it as Frank's online sugarbag collection, in fact it's just nothing more than that...

And then there's www.eijking.com, we use this only as a webbased email-client mailserver. Only thing I like to share with you is just another logo, what can be seen here. And... Maybe, if you look real hard, you'll find The Cow. Last but not least is Oaktech Classic; the first site ever built by Frank.
This was his personal site back in 1998, when Oak Design was still OakTech.
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